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Combating Extremism with Youth Force: Rise and Shine Youth Association – Dissemination

Combating Extremism with Youth Force

Rise and Shine Youth Association – Dissemination

Location: AHA Center – Romania, Bucharest

(AHA Center is a youth centre in Bucharest, Romania, where more youth NGOs got together in order to support each other, exchange good practices, develop and promote youth projects.)

Date: 19 August 2021

Participants: 9 youth workers


The activities took place in the evening in AHA Center in a nonformal and relaxed atmosphere. The event took 1h.

We started with a presentation of the project’s general information: name, objectives, partners, location etc. We presented some of the outcomes of the project and we started a nonformal discussion on extremism, and how we can combat it. We talked from the perspective of youth workers, debating on what we can do to better protect the youth from extremism.

The evening finished with the viewing of the 2 videos made during the project.




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